Choosing The Best Spiritual Advisor For A Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

Jupiter teasing Pisces in 2021 and 2022 brings us all closer to our spiritual side. With that being said, a plethora of psychics are available online to help lend a hand in spiritual guidance and connect you to that realm. They identify as readers, astrologers, light workers, love advisors, mediums, empaths, or spiritual coaches, to name several. The list broadens and can be confusing to some. I can identify with more than one, so there is no one size fits all approach.

]For the sake of this article, I’ll utilize the word psychic as a general, popular, and loose term. When seeking spiritual guidance, it’s important to find someone who you not only resonate with but is also credible. There are various ways to validate who is a great match for you. Once you find that needle in the haystack, it’s advised you hold on to them. It’s like dating. Running around in circles and sharing your private details disperses energy and may do more harm than good. So how do you, as a client, avoid the drama, save time and money?

If you’re going to make spiritual guidance a regular thing, it is important you find someone you resonate with. Resonate does not mean you like everything you hear. Resonate means you like their style of work. While your messages are from the universe or spirit guides, your psychic is responsible for how they deliver. Do you need a psychic that is harsh, keeps it G and keeps you in check? Do you prefer a more empathetic and gentler approach? What morals or values does this reader have? How do they behave with people? Do they empower you? There are several things you may want to consider but my personal goal as a psychic is for a client to walk away with clarity, insight and empowerment. I even aim for a few good laughs if the circumstances are right or helpful.

How long has this reader been in the game? Searching their name online is always a good start. The goal is to find hints and footprints that they have been around a whiles. Anyone can grab a tarot deck from Amazon and start prophesying today. Do they have any recognition, certifications or awards? Reviews or references are part of their history. What do previous clients have to say about their experience? Energy shifts and the universe is organic so time frames can be tricky. However, it’s good to take a look at the broader picture. Pay special attention to statements about the psychic knowing things the client never disclosed. Read about the psychic’s character toward clients. Look for statements such as “predictions came to pass.”

Privacy is important. After all, you may be exposing intimate details and sharing your innermost feelings. Do you feel comfortable opening up and releasing negative energy with your psychic? Will they run off after the reading and gossip your details with your friends? That’s a big no. For some, reaching out to a psychic is considered taboo in the first place, so their interaction with you should be confidential.

While there is no specific decor arrangement for a psychic it is important to note the kind of environment in which they provide readings. Generally, you want to see a calm and distraction free environment. This allows the psychic to think and listen clearly. Although not necessary, items such as crystals and/or divination tools can imply that the psychic is really ‘bout that life. Although I strive for minimalism, I do have somewhat of an obsession for candles on my desk.

Those familiar with astrology will be reluctant and possibly offended to expose their chart details. You’re better off asking to see their underwear. Its exposure shows weaknesses that are susceptible to spiritual attack or observation. A chart is a great hint at their clairvoyance if they claim to be intuitive. I highly advise against asking for it as it comes off as rude. A psychic’s birth chart is almost impossible to see but there are indirect ways of knowing. Although not guaranteed to be true, small hints or mentions of “intuitive placements” (on their voluntary discretion) can be taken as a grain of salt. Mentions of pisces, cancer or scorpio can signify a consideration. Keep in mind, astrology is a very broad and intricate subject. These zodiacs are only significators to consider.

On the contrary, spell casters or witches are more prone to boast about their bloodline or teachings. A witch who speaks confidently of their ancestral history or way of work is a good sign. They are usually very passionate about manifesting.

While there is no all-in-one solution on tips to deem a psychic legitimate; these are several variables to consider. A psychic does not need to have all criteria met to engage with the public but more stars on that sticker reward chart is not a bad thing.

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