Delaluna Answers Oracle Deck


Delaluna Answers Oracle Deck

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As featured in LA Weekly. Check out the Delaluna Answers Oracle Deck Review at DejaDream .

The Delaluna Answers Oracle Deck is a set of 53 cards focused on answering all your love and relationship questions. Created by top trending and accurate psychic advisor, Delaluna Answers, it allows everyone to develop their own intuition and explore new perspectives. These cards do not require a typical guidebook considering their ease of use for all skill levels, including beginners.

The oracle set was strategically designed to encompass the most frequently asked love questions throughout Delaluna‘s psychic career. Over 12000 spiritual reading sessions were considered in its development.

This deck covers questions like:

– Will my ex return?

– What are my person of interest’s feelings toward me?

– Is our relationship long-term?

– Am I wasting my time?

This spiritual card deck features an elegant design embellished with gold leaf foil. It includes beautiful illustrations of a variety of spiritual favorites such as the moon, astrology, plants, crystals, and candles.

Combine these cards with crystals, other decks, or other divination items for enhanced messages.

Cards are encased in a two-piece box for sturdy and safe storage.

These cards are a must-have and overall great solution to address the most popular topics in all psychic and spiritual readings.



• One 53-card set in Two Piece Box Packaging
• Surprise Spiritual Gift

Not Included:

Rose quartz, palo santo, clear quartz and gold leaf flakes


Card Deck Production Information

• 2.75″ x 4.75″ Standard Tarot Card Size
• Cardstock 350 GSM Cards
• Gold Leaf Foil
• Rounded Edges
• Gold Edging / Gilded Gold Edging


Item Shipping Information

• 7.231 ounces
• Dimensions 5.12 inches x 3.19 inches x 1.04 inches



Q. Does the card deck come with a guidebook?
A. The oracle card set is self explanatory and does not bring a guidebook. They were designed with versatility and introspection for all skill levels.

Q. Are the cards stamped with gold foil?
A. Yes. These cards are accented and heat stamped with gold foil. Gold foil is placed on the front, back, and sides of the cards.

Q. Are these cards the same as Tarot?
A. No. Oracle cards are divination tools similar to Tarot. There are different kinds of divinatory card sets such as Angel cards, Affirmation cards, Inspirational Cards, Lenormand Cards, and Tarot.

Q. How can I use this card deck?
A. This card deck is concentrated on the area of love and relationships. However, it can be used for other topics such as career. It can also be combined with other divination items such as pendulum, crystals, and other card decks.


Check out the Delaluna Answers Oracle Deck Review at DejaDream and featured in LA Weekly


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3 reviews for Delaluna Answers Oracle Deck


    This deck is beautiful!! I love how easy and self explanatory they are. Thank you.

  2. Tisbeth Mejia

    Five stars ⭐️ Amazing 🤩 great quality and pretty at the same time easy to read and great for starters 🙂 I definitely recommend this Oracle

  3. Kat

    I love the cards so much and the designs are beautiful! Some cards are self explanatory but for others I really wish there was a booklet stating what they meant.

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