Nov 22 - Dec 21

SAGITTARIUS DATES: November 22 to December 21
SYMBOL: The Centaur / Archer
ELEMENT and MODE: Mutable Fire
BODY PART: Hips, Thighs, & Liver
COLORS: Blue. Royal Blue, Purple & White
PLANT: Rush, Oak, Fig & Hyssop
PERFUME: Lignaloes
GEMSTONE: Jacinth, Lapis & Lazuli

TAROT CARD: Temperance

Sagittarius Strengths

Sagittarius are often known for their optimistic outlook on life, which can be a strength in many situations. They are also natural adventurers, which can lead to them being very successful in fields such as travel and outdoor activities. Additionally, Sagittarius are typically honest and straightforward, which can be beneficial in both personal and professional relationships. Ruled by Jupiter, this zodiac is full of information and insight.

Sagittarius Weaknesses

Sagittarius is an optimistic and positive sign, but they can also be accident-prone. They tend to be impulsive and act without thinking, which can lead to them getting into trouble. There can sometimes be a lack of direction because their mind is overfilled with too much information and ideas. They can also be impatient and hot-headed, which can result in arguments with others.

Sagittarius in Love Relationships

Sagittarius is a highly independent sign, and when they’re in love, they need their partner to understand this. They need plenty of space and freedom to roam, and they’re not the type to be suffocated by clinginess. That said, they’re also one of the most passionate signs when it comes to love and sex. They can be a little wild and reckless at times, but their partner will always know that Sagittarius is fiercely loyal. They’re also very honest and direct with their feelings, so their partner will always know where they stand.

Sagittarius at Work

Sagittarius is known for being independent, optimistic, and honest. In a work setting, these characteristics can be seen in their drive to achieve goals, their positive attitude towards colleagues, and their willingness to speak up when they see something wrong.
Sagittarius is also known for being impulsive and blunt. While this can sometimes be seen as a negative trait, in a work setting it can actually be an asset. Sagittarius are quick thinkers and are not afraid to take risks. This makes them excellent problem solvers and innovators.
However, Sagittarius can also be undisciplined and unorganized. This can lead to them missing deadlines or being forgetful of important details. It is important for Sagittarius to learn to manage their time and prioritize their tasks in order to be successful in the workplace.

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