Aug 23 - Sep 22

VIRGO DATES: August 23 – September 22
SYMBOL: The Virgin
ELEMENT and MODE: Mutable Earth
MANTRA: “I Analyze”
BODY PART: The digestive system
TAROT CARD: The Hermit
PLANT: Narcissus, Vervain & Herbs
PERFUME: Narcissus
GEMSTONE: Peridot, Opal & Agate
METAL: Mercury

Virgo Strengths

This zodiac signs is very grounded and practical. Virgos are logical, analytical thinkers who like to have everything in its proper place. Virgos are hard workers and often put the needs of others before their own. They are also loyal, faithful friends.
Some other positive Virgo traits include being detail-oriented, intelligent, and resourceful. Virgos often have a strong sense of duty and take their responsibilities very seriously. They are usually good at problem-solving and can be counted on to keep calm in a crisis.

Virgo Weaknesses

Virgos are often thought of as perfectionists. They strive for excellence in all that they do, and while this can be a strength, it can also be a weakness. Virgos can be obsessively neat and tidy to the point of being OCD. They can also be overly critical, both of themselves and of others. This can lead to them being seen as judgmental and nit-picky. Virgos need to learn to relax and go with the flow more, or they will continue to put unnecessary pressure on themselves and those around them. Their critical ways can lead to issues with the sense of self.

Virgo in Love Relationships

When a Virgo falls in love, they tend to be very loyal and committed partners. They are often shy at first, but once they get to know you and feel comfortable with you, they will open up and be more affectionate. Virgos are usually very analytical and practical people, but when it comes to love they can also be very romantic and even dreamy. They often like to take things slow and steady in a relationship, but if they feel secure and safe with their partner they can also be quite passionate.

Virgo at Work

If you’re looking for an efficient, detail-oriented worker, look no further than a Virgo! The Virgo zodiac sign is associated with hard work and orderliness. People born under this sign are often perfectionists who take pride in their work.
Virgos are known for being loyal and reliable employees. They’re often the go-to person when you need someone to get a job done right. Virgos are also excellent at problem solving and can be counted on to think outside the box.
While Virgos can be great team players, they sometimes prefer to work alone. This isn’t because they don’t enjoy working with others, but because they like to have things just so. When it comes to their work area, Virgos can be neat freaks!

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